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Foxboro Model IDP10S Transmitter

FOXBORO Model IDP10S TRANSMITTER from Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric's Foxboro "S" Series Model IDP10S transmitter is an intelligent, two-wire transmitter that provides precise, reliable measurement of differential pressure.  It transmits a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.  This transmitter features a Time-in-Service meter, which allows you to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been:

  • In Service
  • Powered up in the field over its lifetime (total days).

  • Powered up since the last Time-in-Service meters reset (user days).

Excellent performance is maintained over an industry-leading wide turndown range, meaning the IDP10S transmitter performs better than two separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range.  The turndown ratio for span adjustment is up to 400-to-1.  

A unique patented multiple calibration technology (called FoxCal), is a feature that eliminates the need for a traditional single-span calibration at an application-specific pressure range.  Transmitters with the multiple calibration feature enabled use multiple calibrated ranges that are stored in the on-board memory.  The multiple (11) calibration ranges are preset in the factory and cover the full pressure range of the transmitter.  During operation, a real-time, seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a percent of reading from 3 percent to 100 percent of the upper range limit (URL).

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