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PACSystems* RX3i Controller provides the foundation for Industrial Internet connectivity.  It is a powerful modular Programmable Automation Controller with a focus on high availability.
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A single control engine and a universal programming environment provides application portability across multiple hardware platforms.

Increased system performance 
and flexibility with integrated critical control platforms, logic, motion, HMI, process control and high availability based on GE Reflective Memory technology. 

The common software platform across all GE Controllers, award-winning Proficy*Machine Edition* software provides the universal engineering development environment for programming, configuration and diagnostics for the entire PACSystems family.  

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We will be closing 12.30pm Friday, 22 December 2017 and 
Re-Opening Wednesday, 3 January 2018.

Our Best Wishes to All for the Festive Season.
We wish you and your families safe and happy holidays and look
forward to being of service in the New Year.

The Team at CSE W Arthur Fisher Ltd

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