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Considerably More Intelligent RTUs
  • More intelligence than your average RTU and much cleverer than a logger.

  • Combined hardware design and communication expertise make these Remote Telemetry Units just too clever by half.

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They 'sense' when data is a trend and communicate it as such.

They 'know'  when an event is an alarm even without communication to system control.

They 'change' alarm thresholds and trend frequency when necessary.

Of course they also do all the clever stuff other RTUs do such as -













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BKV Setpoint VC-8000

A New Zealand Story .....

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Kingfisher CP-35 Tabs

1GHz processing speed - The power to perform Kingfisher Plus CP-35 image-207-728-599-216

The CP-35 includes a high-performance 1GHz processor that offers a major step in processing capability. Supporting the improved processing power is an increase in memory, including 256MB of high reliability ECC memory and 2GB of flash memory. The result is a Kingfisher Plus RTU platform able to run and store the most challenging of applications.






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