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Somas - Control & Isolation Ball Valves and TOV

Somas - Control & Isolation Ball Valves and TOV

SKV DN400 PN25 A51-DA SPE405-909
SOMAS Instrument AB, design, manufacture and market control and isolation valves from high-grade alloys and stainless steel.

Butterfly Valves:
  • Wafer: Wide range of applications to 550°C.  Solid seat design.
  • Lugged: (as per Wafer design) Suitable for end-of-line and/or high pressure steam applications.
  • Flanged: (as per Wafer design) Suitable for end-of-line applications.
  • Low Noise: Prevents flashing and cavitation.  High capacity - low pressure.
  • Cryogenic: High capacity - low pressure drop.
  • DN80 - 1200, PN10 - 67, ANSI 150-300.

Ball Segment Valves:
  • Mini Flow style: 12 alternative seat diameters for optimum sizing.
  • Wafer style: High capacity, large control range.  Backlash free torque transmission.
  • Flanged style: (as per Wafer design)
  • High Consistency: Up to 300mm nominal bore.
  • Low Noise: Prevents flashing and cavitation.
  • Cryogenic: For temperatures down to -196°C.
  • DN25-500, PN10-100, ANSI 150-600.

Ball and Check Valves:
  • Wafer Check valve: Short closing time.  Easy maintenance.
  • Flanged Check valve: Spring loaded seats for tight shut-off at low differential pressure.
  • 3-piece Ball valve: With ISO connection for actuator mounting, threaded ends, weld-ends or flanged.
  • Full-Bore Ball Valve: DN25-500, PN25-50, ANSI 150-300.
  • Check Valve: DN50-600, PN10-25, ANSI 150

Industry Applications: Pulp & Paper, Energy, Chemical, Offshore, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Shipbuilding.

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