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Steriflow Sanitary Control Valves & Regulators

Steriflow Sanitary Control Valves & Regulators


Pressure Reducing and Back Pressure Reducing Regulators:Regulator 2-997
  • 2-135 psi Setpoint Spring Ranges.
  • Automated Regulators available for remotely changing the Setpoints.
Ball Valves:
  • PTFE Cavity Filler Seats
  • 2-way and 3-way
  • Manual and Automation packages available
Vertical and Horizontal Check Valves:
  • No spring, hinge, mechanical return mechanism or wet guided stem.
  • Crevice free (no areas for entrapment).
Steam Traps:
  • For validated clean steam systems and large vessels.
  • Higher capacity SIP applications
Sight Glasses:
  • 240process viewing area through toughened Borosilicate Viewing Glass with optional Polycarbonate Sheild for accidental damages.

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