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G & W Clip2

Current Limiting Protectors (CliP)
  • For 2.8kV through to 38kV systems with continuous current ratings up to 5000A.
  • Compact, totally sealed construction.
  • Can be installed both indoors and out, pole or structure mounted or within enclosure.
  • High continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed operation.
  • Can be used for system upgrades without replacing under-rated equipment such as circuit breakers, reclosers, switches or bus.
  • Lower Breaker Ratings to reduce the cost of full rated equipment in new installations while improving protection.
  • Close Bus Ties without exceeding equipment ratings.
  • Energy saving application when used to by-pass fault limiting reactors to saving factor losses.
  • For Arc Flash protection the let-through energy from a CLiP is typically less than 1% compared to a breaker.
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