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G4K Fixed Power Quality Analyser (BLACKBOX)G4K 2

  • Continuous Waveform Recordings for more than a year
  • Superior accuracy (far surpassing IEC61000-4-30 Class A requirements)
  • Threshold-free setup
  • SCADA compatible
  • Standard Compliance Testing (PQ parameters follow EN50160 and IEC61000-4-30)
  • Remote monitoring capabilities (connect via TCP/IP/RTU/GPRS wireless)

G4500/G3500 Portable Power Quality Analyser (BLACKBOX)G4500graphic-617-253

  • No missed events
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Remote connectivity (built-in web server with an 802.11 access point and ethernet b/g)
  • Plug-and Play

PQSCADA Power Quality Management Suite (Enterprise Edition)PQSCADA 1

  • Simplifies troubleshooting at Real-Time
  • Unique features including: Data analysis, export compatibility, automated report generator, automatic notifications, multiple device synchronisation
  • The PQSCADA server forms the heart of the BLACKBOX device series and may be connected to an infinite number of devices.

The Equalizer ST

The ultimate real-time dynamic reactive power compensation system for medium and low voltage motor start-ups.EQ NEG copy

Exclusive technology including:
  • Cost-effective fast reactive power compensation
  • Improves the overall power quality of the electrical network'
  • Designed to limit voltage drop to local standards
Data Sheets Navy White-835-57

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