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Auma  - Specialist of Electric Actuators

Auma - Specialist of Electric Actuators

Multi (SA & SAR) / Part-turn (SQ & SQR) & Linear Electric Actuators:

  • Torque range from 10 NM to 675,000 Nm 
  • Thrust range from 2 kN to 217 kN 800 800 85 AUMA-SA-AUMA-MATIC 9a64c1b505d9a273af97c8f2b1fe3b59-324-340
  • Simple (AM) or Microprocessor-based (AC) Controls with Display for Local Control and Operations
  • Variable speed actuators for On/Off, Inching and Modulating applications
  • Combination with gearboxes for higher torque requirements
  • Explosion proof IECEx de 11C/11B T4 or T3, IECEx d 11C/11B T4 or T3
  • Enclosure protection IP68 in compliance with EN 60529 (8m head of water for max. 96 hours)
  • Corrosion protection acc. to ISO 12944-2
  • Functional Safety - Specially developed SIL module for SIL2 and SIL3 applications.
Multi / Part-turn Gearboxes:
(For use in combination with Multi-turn Actuators and Manually Operated Valves).
  • Bevel, Worm, Spur and Planetary Gearing for providing torques up to 675,000 Nm
  • Lifetime operation requirement acc. to EN 15714-2.

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