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Multilin Protection Relays

Multilin Protection Relays

Smart Grid

GE Multilin's entire family of protection relays offer advance protection and automation for your power infrastructures.

The range of protection relays include:
Generator Motor Protection
Transformer IEC 61850 Process Bus
Transmission Metering Equipment
Bus Test Equipment
Distribution Feeder Instrument Transformers

GE Multilin 800 Relays

8series 850-173

Multilin 8 Series protective relay platform has been designed for the management, protection and control of distribution feeder, transformer, generator and motor applications.

  • Elimination of electrolytic capacitors
  • Advanced diagnostics with unique algorithms
  • Single set-up and configuration across the platform
  • Built-in field swappable power supply and enhanced relay draw-out construction
  • Embedded communications offerings including: IEC61850, IEC62439/PRP, Modbus RTU & TCP/IP
  • IPC A-610-E Class 3 Manufacturing standards - highest industry standards for electronic manufacturing
  • 10 year warranty

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