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Metrix Sensors are a cost effective solution for vibration monitoring applications:

Mechanical vibration switches:5550-upright.jpg

  • For low to medium speed machinery
  • Inertia sensitive mechanism activates a snap action SPDT switch
  • Built-in start up delay
  • No sensor power required

Electronic vibration switches:

metrix electron vibration.gif
  • Programmable to provide protection at all frequencies
  • Built-in time delay to reduce false triggering
  • Dual solid state outputs (1 x alarm, 1 x shutdown)
  • Optional analog output
  • External sensor option
  • Explosion proof option

Vibration Transmitters:

  • Loop powered 4-20mA output proportional to acceleration or velocity
  • High and Low pass filters to eliminate unwanted background vibrations
  • The output can be connected to PLC's, DCS control systems

Impact Monitoring:

Impact measurement is a proven method of detecting mechanical looseness and knocking on reciprocating machinery.   A mechanical looseness signal often has a high amplitude, but short duration which can be difficult to detect.  The sensor output level is based on a number of events that occur within a time-frame.  The sensor is Loop powered and easy for the user to install.

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