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Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Teledyne 8800
Industrial Process Gas, Oxygen and Liquid Analysers:
  • Trace Oxygen Analysers
  • Percent Oxygen Analysers
  • Area Monitors
  • Portable Oxygen Analysers
Combustion and Emission Analysers

Specialist Applications and Sensing Technologies:
  • Total Sulphur
  • Ambient LEL (Lower Explosion Limit)
  • Thermal Conductivity Analyser for Hydrogen, Argon, Nitrogen etc.
  • Flame Ionisation Detectors for Total Trace Hydrocarbon and Hydrocarbons in Water
  • Moisture, Portable and Online
  • Turnable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)
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