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Water Quality MonitoringU-50-277
Portable multi-parameter water quality analysers:
  • Measurement display of pH, ORP, DO plus others
  • Data logging capability and GPS options
  • ​U-50 up to 11 parameters
Industrial water quality analyser - H-1 series:
  • Individual measurement of pH; ORP; DO; Resistivity; Conductivity; Residual Chlorine; Turbidity

Oil Content in WaterH-1 Fixed-655
Accurate measurement of oil in process water and site run-off:
  • Laboratory/Batch Model OCMA-500
  • Continuous on-line models - OCMA-25

Gas Analysis
Flue-stack gas analysis of boilers and furnaces (CEMS):
  • Single analysers accurately measure up to five gases (NOx; SO2; CO; CO2 and O2)
  • PG-300 portable system
  • ENDA-5000 fixed installed system

Explosion-proof Gas AnalysersEIA-551d edited-438
Infared; Paramagnetic; Thermal Conductivity:
  • Emission Gases: CO; CO2; NO; SO2

  • Fuel Gases: Methane, Propane, Hydrogen

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