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Geothermal Engineered Solutions

For over 50 years, NASH Systems have been the products of choice for air removal systems in steam cycle power plants worldwide.  By reducing energy loss due to air leakage into the condenser, their vacuum systems save millions of dollars in energy every day.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps & compressorsNash Liquid Ring vacuum pump-597
  • Vacuum pumps from 20CFM to 23,000 CFM, 29+"HgV
  • Corrosion resistant
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Skid
The pre-engineered NASH Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are a versatile Vectra Pak 720x720p (1)-866-376and readily available system for any industrial vacuum need.  The Vectrapak comes with the accessories already mounted and piped for ease of installation.

The Steam Ejectors
Steam Ejectors provide vacuum in many process industries and utility companies.  Combining low capital cost, simple operation, high reliability and the ability to handle large vacuum levels, these can be optimised to contribute to process enhancement and operational efficiency.
  • Design of ejectors range from 1" inlet to 78"
  • Matching standard barometer condenser design
  • No moving parts, translating into trouble-free continuous operation
  • Operate efficiently for high vacuum and high volumetric flow requirement
  • Manufactured and tested (actual ejector or pilot ejector) per HEI standards to guarantee performance.Nash Vacuum pump1-717
Reduce operating cost by optimising the process in stages (Hybrid System) - Ejectors + Liquid Ring Vacuum pump skid.  Hybrid system also enhances vacuum stability.

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