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Metasphere  RTUs - Telemetry

Metasphere RTUs - Telemetry


  • Real time remote monitoring of up to 5 sensors           Point 3 Colours-448-451-353-229-9-185
  • Software configurable I/O; including support AI, CI, and DI
  • Powers external loop and active voltage sensors
  • External serial port for connecting intelligent sensors
  • Built in 3G modem with auto switching internal and external  antenna
  • Lithium battery with an extended life of 5+ years
  • IP68 unit enclosure is submersible to 4 metres for 4 days
  • Very compact footprint of just 156mm x 110mm x 112mm
  • Connects to Medina, DNP3 and WITS DNP3 Masters (e.g. ClearSCADA)
  • Modbus master communicating over RS232 and RS485
  • Remote firmware upgrade and Remote configuration
  • Integral immersion sensor
  • Rich telemetry functionality including dynamic trending/logging and intelligent alarm reporting
  • Flexible integrated installation bracket
  • Automatic external power source detection
  • Stores up to 250 million records
  • Configuration options include monitoring of battery voltage and GPRS signal levels
  • Directly connects to Metasphere's bureau service.  

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