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Kingfisher RTUs from Servelec Technologies - Telemetry

Kingfisher RTUs from Servelec Technologies - Telemetry

The Kingfisher from Servelec Technologies line provides the industry's strongest platform for RTU telemetry applications:
  • Powerful communications supporting over 70 protocolsKingfisher RTU-274
  • Extensive range of modules
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) monitoring
  • Redundancy
  • IEC Programming with ISaGRAF (ToolboxPlus+ software)
  • Fail safe output configuration
  • Ladder Programming (Toolbox 32 software)
  • Cyber Security
T-Box Remote Terminal Units are ideal for decentralised telemetry architectures including remote asset monitoring, process automation and metering:
  • Powerful Communications
  • Extensive Range of ModulesTbox-478
  • IP Telemetry
  • Data Logging and Web Server
  • Low power, Rugged, Modular, Small Form Factor
  • Embedded reporting
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